Buchner Manufacturing on why Georgina is a great place to do business

Worker at manufacturing company in Georgina

“Location, location, location,” they say. Choosing where to start or expand a business is an important decision. It is essential to thrive and provide a work/life balance, not only for owners but also for employees – one of the reasons Buchner Manufacturing, a successful business in the community of Pefferlaw, continues to choose the Town of Georgina after more than 40 years in business. 

“Georgina has a great work/life balance. We have it not only with my family but with a lot of our employees that you can just hop onto the beach or go fishing in the summertime when you're done a shift. In the wintertime, we have many people who snowmobile or play ice hockey. It is a great place for work/life balance because we have so many outlets for people to do things. We really have access to an abundance of recreational activities for our employees to enjoy after work,” said Anna Buchner, Marketing Manager and one of the third generation working for the business today.

With five locations throughout Ontario, shipping and product access are also key reasons Buchner continues to choose Georgina as it grows. “Georgina is a great location. It's a hub that has developed on Lake Simcoe. It's close enough to the GTA, so you have access to major transportation networks, especially with the expansion of the 404 highway, but it's not far to Barrie or north, and if you want to go eastward toward Brock or Durham, it's really a great centre point. No matter where you need your supply chain or for people coming to visit, they have to pass through or come to Georgina, which makes it a great place to have a business,” said Anna.

She also commented on Georgina’s growth, saying, “Georgina has grown in so many ways over the years, and I believe it has great growth potential. The population has steadily grown in a healthy way that keeps things sustainable, and we’re bringing more businesses with the development of the business park.”

When asked why she thinks businesses are attracted to the Town, she said its proximity is appealing. “You’re close enough to the city that you still have access to key products in the supply chain and a whole other community out there to support your business while still being far enough away that you can have your own established brand. There is less of that competition than you might have if you are in Toronto or even Newmarket,” she said. 

Anna also noted while Georgina has been steadily growing, there are still spaces in the market for businesses to come and fill a need. And while there is a strong population, it is also a popular year-round tourist destination, which means there is always a healthy demand for businesses.

Buchner Manufacturing started as a three-person team with its founder and two sons. They would install during the day and create the products needed to complete installations after work. Over time, they realized there was a demand for their products, so they expanded first to Newmarket to increase manufacturing and set up a customer-facing store. Since then, the business has expanded to Kingston, Owen Sound and North Bay, totalling five stores throughout Ontario and two manufacturing plants.

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