Historic downtown Sutton in Georgina

historic downtown Sutton Ontario

Experience modern shopping and dining with historic charm close to Toronto

Sutton dates back to the 1800s when the Bourchier family settled on the Black River. They were responsible for building the Grist Saw Mill, which is characterized as the “beginning of Sutton.” 

The young village of approximately 100 citizens had a tannery, tavern, school, post office, blacksmith, shoemaker, a cloth factory and a wool mill. Since then, the community has welcomed diverse shops, boutiques, dining establishments and other businesses that serve the growing community and the many tourists that visit the area from Toronto – a short one-hour drive.

A stroll down High Street will take you across the Black River on a bridge with a picturesque view of the river and water feature. Across the street, you can experience the area’s culture at the Georgina Centre for Arts and Culutre – a must-see for those visiting. The centre includes work from many local artists, including indigenous art, which is deeply rooted in the community, with the Chippewas of Georgina Island being close by.

One of the street’s oldest buildings is the former Mansion House Hotel. It welcomed many tourists from the mid-1800s until the mid-1900s. At a time, you could rent a room for $1 a night –  hard to fathom these days. It is the last hotel building standing and is now known as the Mansion House restaurant. The building has seen many renovations over the years but has not lost its character. The restaurant is a must-try for those who want to enjoy a meal with live entertainment. Like the Mansion House restaurant, there are many dining options within walking distance to please all tastes. 

The downtown area is full of history. Download Sutton’s Walking Tour map or reference it online to see the transformation firsthand. Browse our shops and restaurants, and you will likely witness the friendly and communal atmosphere of Georgina’s residents, who may be able to deepen your history walk with some “way back when” conversation.

We welcome you to experience Sutton’s small-town charm. Explore its downtown businesses at georgina.ca/downtowns

old High Street in Sutton looking north

Looking north on High Street, Sutton - 1910.

historic Sutton schoolhouse on High Street

Schoolhouse, Sutton, Circa 1857. This building was Sutton's first (known) schoolhouse. The photograph was taken in 1970.

historic photo of grocery store on High Street in Sutton Ontario

A Grocer's on High Street, Sutton - 1905.

historic photo of bridge on High Street in Sutton Ontario

High Street bridge in the 1900s.

historic photo of building on High Street in Sutton Ontario

James O'Brien Bourchier's Woolen Mill was built between 1846 and 1851. Sometime in the first decade of the 20th century, it was moved from the south bank of the Black River, up the hill to sit facing High Street. At this time, it was bricked over. Since then, it had served many purposes, including a cheese factory, town hall, and billiard hall. This photograph was taken in 1970. It was destroyed by arson in 1996.

historic photo of Mansion House Hotel on High Street in Sutton Ontario

The Mansion House Hotel, High Street, Sutton - 1890.

historic photo of building on High Street in Sutton Ontario

John & Alexander Fraser, Merchants in 1863, occupied this shop on block 11 Lot 1 on the South-West corner of Middle and High Streets, Sutton. This photograph was taken in 1970.

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