Jacinta Healing Arts' journey with YSpace Georgina

Jacinta Yang at YSpace Georgina

Transformative healing and personal growth

Nestled in the heart of Georgina, Jacinta Healing Arts is a shining testament to the power of holistic healing and personal growth. We are delighted to showcase Jacinta Yang's inspiring journey as an author and gifted holistic healer, emphasizing her participation in the YSpace program and in our vibrant community.

Jacinta YangJacinta Yang: From floral designer to holistic healer

Jacinta's journey into the world of healing took a unique and transformative path. Starting as an artistic floral designer, she discovered the profound impact of infusing healing and comforting energy into funeral flowers. The positive feedback from grieving families about the healing energy emitted by these flowers ignited her journey to become a holistic healer.

Her path of personal and spiritual growth led her to author two books: "Take Charge, Reclaim Your Life and Be Your True Self" and "My Spiritual Journey." These books empower readers with wisdom, inviting them to discover their true selves and purpose while delving into the process of understanding oneself and ascending spiritually.

Exploring holistic healing modalities

Jacinta's journey of self-discovery also led her to explore holistic healing modalities such as Reiki, Reflexology and Crystal Healing. Her personal experiences with health issues and chronic pain drove her to seek solace and healing through alternative therapies. With each certification, including Reiki, Reflexology and Crystal Healing therapies, Jacinta's commitment to providing the highest level of care and healing to her clients shines through.

Jacinta Healing Arts' mission: Empowering inner transformation

At Jacinta Healing Arts, Jacinta's mission is to help people find happiness and reclaim their inner power. Her services include holistic practices, Reiki, Reflexology, crystal healing, as well as a transformative Healing Journey Program and engaging workshops on health and wellness. Her approach is deeply rooted in self-growth and healing, aiming to guide and support clients as they navigate their paths to emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Jacinta Yang Healing Arts

Partnering with YSpace for growth

Jacinta's partnership with YSpace has been instrumental in her journey. She has actively engaged in various YSpace programs, including Business Foundations, Business Plan Bootcamp, Digital Skills for Business, Idea Consultation, Peer-to-Peer sessions and co-working space utilization. Her favourite aspect of the YSpace programming is the love and support she has received in her business growth journey.

Remarkable success in 2023

Jacinta Healing Arts has achieved remarkable success, including:

  • Receiving a grant from the United Way, a testament to her alignment with community needs.
  • Securing a grant from the Town for organizing a significant festival in Georgina, contributing positively to the local culture and economy.
  • Successfully obtaining the Canadian Digital Adoption Program grant, indicating potential and value on a larger scale.
  • Hosting multiple workshop series, empowering individuals on their personal development and intuitive wellness journeys.
  • Increasing digital skills and content creation for effective social media marketing.
  • Broadening her network, opening doors to future collaborations and partnerships.
  • Gaining increased visibility, expanding her customer base and growth opportunities.
  • Applying for the Business Starter Program with York Small Business Enterprise Center, a recognition of her potential for growth and sustainability.

Spirit Fest photo in Georgina

Inspired by the remarkable journey of Jacinta Healing Arts and its transformative partnership with YSpace, we invite all aspiring entrepreneurs and passionate individuals to explore the boundless opportunities offered by this dynamic program. Jacinta's story demonstrates that with determination, holistic wisdom and the invaluable support of YSpace, dreams can evolve into success stories that enrich our community.

Whether you're seeking personal growth, business development or a platform to bring your unique talents to the world, YSpace provides the tools, mentorship and network you need to thrive. Your journey could be the next inspiring chapter in our shared narrative of success in Georgina. Join us in embracing the power of YSpace and uncovering your own path to excellence! Visit georgina.ca/Yspace to learn more.

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