Turkey Shoot Brewing Company: Crafting Success in Georgina

Turkey Shoot Brewing Company owners

In the heart of Georgina, Ontario, a remarkable craft brewery has taken root and flourished, symbolizing resilience, community spirit, and a passion for exceptional beer. Turkey Shoot Brewing Company, owned and operated by Kyle and Jaclyn, has quickly become a local favourite and a notable player in the craft beer scene. Its journey, marked by determination and innovation, is a testament to the power of local business and the rich culture of craft brewing.

From humble beginnings to a thriving brewery

The story of Turkey Shoot Brewing Company began when Kyle lived out west and watched as well as participated in the launch of a local brewery in Smithers, British Columbia. This ignited his passion for craft beer and started his journey into the craft beer scene. Driven by this newfound interest and armed with invaluable brewing expertise, Kyle decided to bring his dream back to Ontario. Partnering with his wife Jaclyn, a native of Georgina, they embarked on their brewing venture.

In 2021, amid the challenges of the pandemic, they opened Turkey Shoot Brewing Company’s official brewery location in Keswick, at 482 The Queensway S. Despite the uncertainties of the times, their dedication and vision led to the creation of a welcoming space where locals and visitors alike could enjoy a diverse range of finely crafted beers.

“When we started this adventure, we needed to find a location that felt like home, where people are friendly and looking for a new and exciting space to hang out and try new beers. When Jaclyn suggested her hometown of Georgina, it seemed almost too good to be true that she could bring this business back home and share it with this community,” said Kyle.

Owners of Turkey Shoot Brewing Company pose for a photo outside of beer garden

Celebrating local success

One of Turkey Shoot Brewing Company’s significant milestones came with the introduction of its Lake Simcoe Lagered Ale. This exceptional brew quickly found its way into LCBO stores in Keswick, Sutton and Pefferlaw, marking the brewery’s expansion beyond its immediate locale. Today, it can be found in LCBO locations throughout Ontario, a testament to its  growing popularity and appeal.

The brewery’s commitment to local ingredients and partnerships sets it apart in the crowded craft beer market. As proud members of BrewON, Turkey Shoot Brewing Company is one of fewer than 20 breweries in Ontario, out of more than 500, that use 100 per cent Ontario-made hops. This dedication supports local farmers and ensures the freshest and highest quality ingredients in their beers.

Award-winning craftsmanship

Turkey Shoot Brewing Company’s excellence has not gone unnoticed. The brewery has garnered significant recognition, winning two Ontario Brewery Awards and a prestigious Canadian Brewery Award. Its Elpida blonde received gold in the specialty category and the smoked red earned silver. The crowning achievement came with its German-Style Sour Ale Peach Gobbler, which won a Canadian Brewery Award in 2024. Competing against 1,800 submissions, with 70 in the category, this win highlights the brewery’s skill and creativity in crafting intricate and high-quality beers.

Beer awards on a table

Kyle’s journey from his beginnings in British Columbia to competing against established breweries he once admired is a remarkable narrative of growth and ambition. His meticulous approach to brewing, guided by thorough research and adherence to judges’ handbooks, ensures that each beer submitted for competition meets the highest standards.

Community-centric approach

Turkey Shoot Brewing Company’s success is deeply intertwined with its commitment to the community.  Its beer is available in LCBO stores and is also featured in local restaurants such as the Beach Lakefront and Riveredge in Keswick, as well as Boondocks and Taps’ n Tracks’ in Pefferlaw. This local presence fosters a sense of pride and connection within the community.

Collaborations with local businesses, including Elpida Cafe and Roastery for a unique coffee blend, and Cloverhill Flowers for special events, to name a few, highlight its dedication to community partnerships.

One of the most charming aspects of Turkey Shoot Brewing Company is the Beer Garden, an outdoor patio built entirely out of hand-crafted wood pallets and filled with beautiful flowers and even hops for new beers. This cozy space, made possible through the Town’s Temporary Patio Program during the COVID-19 pandemic, continues to thrive and adds a unique and welcoming environment for patrons to enjoy a beer with family, friends and even their dogs.

Looking ahead

As Turkey Shoot Brewing Company continues to grow, its focus on quality, community and innovation remains unwavering. The journey from a passionate idea to a celebrated brewery is a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and craft beer enthusiasts alike. With each new brew and collaboration, Kyle and Jaclyn reaffirm their commitment to making Turkey Shoot Brewing Company a beloved fixture in Georgina and beyond.

In a world where the craft beer industry is ever-evolving, Turkey Shoot Brewing Company stands out as a beacon of local pride, exceptional craftsmanship and community spirit. Cheers to its continued success and the many exciting chapters yet to come in the brewing adventure.

Turkey Shoot Brewing Company owners, Mayor and Councillor pose for photo

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